Welcome to AMAALA

The Luxury Wellness Destination on the Red Sea Coast


AMAALA: A Hidden Gem

Prepare for a world of luxury and serenity at AMAALA, a hidden gem nestled along Saudi Arabia's captivating shores of the Red Sea. Here every moment is a crafted symphony of purity and bliss.

Stunning mountain and sea scenery in AMAALA.

An Unparalleled Luxury Destination

Find yourself in the embrace of tranquil natural beauty and the enchanting sea, bask under the sun's warmth and wander along AMAALA's pristine land. It is the place for unique family experiences and refined living, where the best life memories are created. AMAALA is a destination like no other.

Triple Bay

A place for wellness, rejuvenation and longevity

A rendering of Equinox Resort
A rendering of Clinique la prairie
A rendering of Rosewood resort.
A rendering of Six Senses Resort.
A rendering of Jaysom Resorts.
A rendering of The Four Seasons.

Serenity and beyond

From its pristine, crystal-clear waters to its secluded bays framed by majestic mountains, AMAALA offers an unparalleled seascape, boasting one of the world's most exclusive wellness retreats. Supported by premium resorts, a plethora of recreational activities, and diverse adventure sports, AMAALA is luxury and wellness redefined.
A woman practicing yoga on a mountain peak.
Whether you crave the thrill of adventure, the captivating exploration of the sea, the blissful lifestyle, or unmatched luxury, AMAALA's encompassing warmth will reignite your senses, offering an experience where every moment is cherished and every wish is fulfilled.

Inspired by Purity

Nestled within the Prince Mohammad bin Salman Nature Reserve, AMAALA embodies the essence of purity with its pristine waters, untouched landscapes, and boundless natural beauty.

AMAALA’s purity radiates through every corner, where the natural beauty captivates the soul. It is not merely a place, it is a nurturing haven where every being is empowered to flourish from the moment they set foot into its embrace.

An osprey is resting on its nest near the coasts of the Red Sea.