AMAALA dives into crystal blue waters of the Red Sea in stunning short film

Short film uncovers the riches of the Red Sea through the eyes of award-winning, underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich

RIYADH – 12th July 2020 – AMAALA, the ultra-luxury destination located along Saudi Arabia’s northwestern coast, released a short film starring renowned underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich exploring the abundant marine life and thriving reefs of the Red Sea.

The film premiered at the G20 2020 in Saudi Arabia, during a workshop on advancing coral reef conservation. Home to some of the most productive and richest coral reef ecosystems, AMAALA’s reefs form part of the larger Red Sea system, which make up 6.2% of all global coral reefs.

The first in a series of films capturing the AMAALA journey of exploring the undiscovered, the film sees Friedrich diving through the crystal blue surface into one of the most intact and healthy ecological environments on the planet. The award-winning photographer and his team explored eight dive sites over the course of several days, revealing natural underwater phenomena through a journey that is reflective of the future experiences of AMAALA guests.

AMAALA is home to over 144 species of recorded corals, including hard, soft, branching, and encrusting corals. Together with strategic partners, AMAALA will work on oceanographic and marine life research and conservation initiatives to benefit the world’s oceans. Four opportunities have been identified for joint projects: coral reef management, iconic species protection, Marine Protected Areas (MPA) management, and fighting plastic pollution.

A professional underwater photographer, Tobias Friedrich has had his works published in prestigious publications including the National Geographic and Spiegel Online. He is also the recipient of several underwater photographic competitions, such as 2019 Underwater Photography book of the Year 2019 and more recently he was shortlisted at the Sony World Photo Awards 2020.

The full video can be enjoyed here.